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There are programs to help stop foreclosure regardless of your situation.

With the right help, virtually any foreclosure situation can be successfully resolved. We have helped homeowners from across the United States stop foreclosure and we can help you too.

The foreclosure process, is very complicated. Foreclosure law is constantly changing to the point that it can sometimes be difficult for a seasoned real estate attorney to keep up with it.

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If your house payments are more than a month behind, your lender has probably already started legal proceedings. Foreclosure consequences can be very serious and the foreclosure timeline can be very quick, depending on your state and its foreclosure procedure. As time passes thousands of dollars in penalties and legal fees can be added to the mortgage balance you owe. And every single day extra interest is added!

Over the last few years the foreclosure news has been bad across the nation. We would like to help you avoid foreclosure and the loss of your home. As a homeowner you're entitled to know your foreclosure rights.

The longer you wait, the harder it is for us to help.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

To educate homeowners on the foreclosure process and the options available to them. We believe that if you don't know your rights, you can't know your options.


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Thank you so much for bailing us out of foreclosure. As you know, After Mark lost his job we just couldn’t keep up with the mortgage and all of the other bills too. We are so thankful that you came to
our rescue. Keeping the foreclosure off of our credit report actually made it possible for us to buy another home just last month.

Christina Smith Georgia

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